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Escape Cody && General Update

Posted on September 11, 2014 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Heya everyone! (I missed you .-.)

So, I figured I should give you all an update and letcha know what's been happening. Y'know...on the down low.

So, Count vs. Alpha is coming right along. Just passed 8k words of script, we have the sketches for four or five cute(horribly, horribly weird...not cute at all...plz stay far far away from them all) romanceable options for the game (wait, didn't you say this was gonna be a shorter game, Sonic?! why the **** do you have to make everything so long?! Now it'll take forever to get finished!! *facepalms*), we have the sketches for probably four BGs and probably three CG's, and I've coded in a gender choice which unlocks different romance options throughout the story. Oh, and you can choose your name, too. But I usually throw that in there, just for funsies, anyway... .-.

Parasitic Romance (or whatever I'm calling it now) has been less in the spotlight, unfortunately. I've come to a stopping point because the sprites aren't coming out cute enough, so imma keep redrawing those little s***s until they're remotely not...horrible...looking >.< !! But I think that storyline for PR is coming along pretty far anyway, so I have time yet.

OH! I didn't mention that I'm considering having Count vs. Alpha voice acted, did I? This'll be the first time that I try something like this (and it's not gonna be super quality so don't say I didn't warn you). But for that reason I'll probably make it a commercial game or a pay-what-you-want game...not sure yet since I need to pay rent but I love you all so there is much difficulty in this choice >_< but I also kiiinda need to pay my voice actor or I'm pretty sure he'd hunt me down like one of them d-deals gone bad D:

I know all of you are punching me about not putting up Escape Cody and Getting In Bethany's Pants yet (wait, no one cares? whuuuut...) lol, but Escape Cody is up and youbetterbelieveit that I'm gonna put the Bethany's Pants one up someday in the incoming future. I prooobably won't put any of these games (including Bacon2 unless it gets real art) up onto LemmaSoft though.

You all remember Shakulen Flower? I think I mentioned it in my last post, it's that awesome one I'm helping SilverPikachu99 with that (I'm hoping) will be commercial or donation, too :) We've got some logo drafts, the writing's coming along (still a long way to go with the art and writing's gonna be a big game, it looks like!), proofreading, coding, sprite sketches and re-sketches and lineart drafts, background linearts, and GUI messing around... I'm excited :p and Silva won't let my art get too bad on you all so you can expect it to be non-eye-bleeding XD gaahshesanawesomecoolkid :F

 Did I mention I also never got paid for editing that Death Game script when I was told that I would be? >.< grr...why... In addition to my near-death experience at work recently .-. (suchahardlife) So I'm just gonna be working on projects with Silva and projects with myself for a bit, most likely.

What else have I been working on...? Oh, the Suspicion Getaway's BG artist is going to start doing some drawings soon, so I look forward to having some nice BGs to work with and also doing a redraw of the sprites to clean 'em up. I'll get around to doing the art for the Dare Gamble and probably make it a free or donation game, but I probably won't be using any of the art that was given, since I haven't heard word back from the artists. Which means, more terrible art of mine! (yaaay -.-) 

I'm also thinking about releasing a chapter-by-chapter VN kind of like a planetary-political-dystopia...thing. I'm still not totally sure since I like making really interactive novels and it might be tough for me to switch up that style, but I also kind of have the itch to give it a try.

I'll have more progress for you all soon, mkay?

--------------Sonic. The Huttster.------------------ 

Back to Visit :00

Posted on July 23, 2014 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

You all knew that I wasn't coming back, right? 

I was definitly coming back but that's not the point. Being busy with classes is being busy with classes.

I should probably (just maybe, maayybee...) give you all an update on what I'm working on (what's going on in my crazy noggin').

I'm practicing my art! (You hopefully know this already from my terrible VN drawings that were on this site).

I'm working on a new VN called Count&Alpha. It's basically about a MC and bro trying to con money out of some kooky relatives (and maybe getting some action, too? no? lol).

I've been slowly working on another VN called Parasitic Affection, which is about an unlucky MC who ends up in a mansion (boy do I love mansions, huh? probably because I'm homeless...) with some people who also have some different but strange qualities. This one's going to be a looonnng story, with (I think) six romanceables? Lots of branching - I had to make several story maps just to keep track of it. No character art yet (that's good enough to show y'all), so I won't be posting a page on it yet. 

I'll be uploading (probably) Escape Cody and Getting in Bethany's Pants, which are two VNs that kind of stemmed into the Bacon games, which are also on hold right now because I'm thinking of doing new art for them instead of just random pics (although Bacon2 is pretty much complete and fine as-is right now). 

I'm still working on a VN called Shakulen Flower with Silva (silverpikachu), which I think I've mentioned. Everything's coming along smoothly with this one, but it will be a long one. Silva's awesome at submitting her chapters in a timely fashion and she's really improved my art in only a short time :). After I solidify the MC's lineart and try out some coloring on it, I'll put a page up for Shakulen, or she can do so on her website.

Infected Wires, Mountain Alcove, and Suspicion Getaway are all chilling out for a second, due to my BG artist needing to chill out while she works on another semester of classes. 

Well, there's your update. I'll get working on re-constructing the site again now.


Bacon2 New Art??

Posted on November 3, 2013 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

(Pic removed - art subject to change brah)

Tired of the old cut-out characters in Bacon2? Yeah, so am I. Bacon2's gotten pretty much no attention, and it deserves a better shot at life than that, even if my art sucks.

So, here we are, at the next crossroad. Let's hope it turns into something worth the 40k+ words and 200+ menus I put into it.

Meanwhile, no new news on the other VNs. 


Vndb's Cat Cowboys

Posted on October 3, 2013 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (0)

(Pic removed)

Welcome back to another invigorating installment of Hedgehog blogging!! (I know you're all very excited)

I noticed that now there are actually people READING this blog and viewing this website (how weird, I don't know how to feel about that at all...seems like it's time to set up a donation page, lol). Anyway, it's because of this weird website called VNDB (yes, I know who you are, and I know that you know who I am... you sneaky sneaky creatures...). 

But, apparently, what's been happening is somebody actually cared enough to put up all of my completed VNs on this website (which I've never actually been able to figure out how to use successfully for free VNs but my own ineptitude need stop no one from putting me on the site itself) and it's been getting, I guess, some sort of traffic (well, when my website's pageviews shoot up to 50 a day that's something to be concerned about).

I was really surprised to know that they were there. I mean, I know they're all free games but you'd think that they'd ask some permission or notify me or whatever (and I have your username, poster, I know your secrets...) but bees knees and whatevers. If people like it more than the forums, and if the poster liked my games enough to want to share them, so be it. I'll have more up soon that I'm sure will mysteriously appear on the site.

But what I did notice is that my novels are getting very LOW reviews! (How DARE they, when "competing" in the "market" with such professional-looking games! lol) I was not looking forward or expecting to get reviews (I'm actually surprised that one of them got a 5 and one got a 6, that's weird. I don't think I put enough effort into any of them to make it past, like, a four.)

Anyway, don't let me get off track - you need an update, yes? 

Uhh... nothing's happened. I've been sick and working 38 hour weeks with full time college soooo, no. Nothing.

Not what you expected to hear, right? Well, good. It's a lie. I've been editing the script for the Death Game and I've been working on my drawing and coming up with new ideas for VNs (I may even have a helper for a new project since they played my Furry Game "Club Felin" and realized their true love for VN games, woo~ but that game'll take a while to come out if it ever does because my helper wants it to be BIIIIG, like 40, 50k words and I'm just like uggghhhh whhy you malevolent rhinoo).

I have about 50 assignments due tonight so I'm going to have to big you farewell relatively soon (#TheLyfOfASlave) but thanks to everyone for reading my blogs and playing my games (or even for fantasizing about playing my games if you don't actually do it). I'll probably be uhh, doing some work for my actual thing "Fat Chick Studios" with Oddish and perhaps John Wolf but we shall see if anything comes from it. I certainly need more free time to get done what I want but I love all these fun little projects.

Adios amigos and peace.

------------------------- Sonic XOXO ----------------------------


Posted on September 29, 2013 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Buongiorno ragazzi! :)

Meng Jian, although I've been ruthlessly busy these past few weeks (38 hr work weeks with college and commitments are a pain), is coming along. It's about to breach 3k words so that's important. Endings are forming, I'm just not sure how or where yet. :o

Oh~ One of my buddies, Juan, wants to make a VN with me about uhh something apocalyptic, so I'll be doing that, as well. (Need I have any more projects?!) :D 

I've also been working on editing a 20k word script for Death Code so that's been keeping me busy (but, see, I am helping the industry somehow :p). I like the game from reading the script, though, so I do hope everyone who's interested in mystery/suspense style VNs plays it.

So little time and so many things I'd like to work on and test out. Expect a romance romance nvl sometime but not just yet. I'm not ready just yet. I need everyone on board in my mind. ;) Ciao.

SONICXXXXxxxx---------------------aka Sonic The Hut----------------------

9/11 - Meng Jian

Posted on September 11, 2013 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Nihao &&&& wanshanghao kiddos!

Wanted to post an update since I kind of redesigned the main page of this site.

Oh, and, also, I started working on a new visual novel.

This one's called Meng Jian, and the page is up on the sidebar of the main page, if you want more information.

It's not yet posted on the LemmaSoft website, so don't panic, it'll get up there sometime soon.

It just isn't now because the LemmaSofters think that I'm a serious VN maker or something...

Something about art and storylines, and I don't really care about those concepts anymore.

Anyway, Meng's gonna be pretty short so don't expect it to take as long to be done as my other novels have.

The art's a bit better than usual, too. So it should be a pleasant surprise, I s'pose.

Zaijian dudekin.


The Return!

Posted on August 31, 2013 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Family problems, been gone for a while. Hope you guys didn't miss me (even though very few people even read this so only LemmaSoft Users might have). Anyway, on to the update. I have done pretty much zero work so far, other than debugging the Bacon2 Beta (Can I get a YAY? No? Everyone hates Bacon2 except my friends? Yeah, thought so). Beta testers are up and running now, though. I think I have about three of 'em working on it in the next couple days, so I should be able to see if it'll actually turn out playable or not (it kept glitch-crashing towards the center [sorry to those who tried out the Almost Complete Beta - 'twas a lie apparently] but I'll put up the present Beta's link and we'll see. If anybody checks it out and finds some errors, find me on Lemma and send me a PM. 

The Otherworld still has a fair amount of the writing completed, but is needing the art done. I know that'll take a while, especially since everyone on Lemma keeps complaning about how I can't draw people worth a damn (hey, I agreed I'd try doing anime sprites for them - I never said I'd ever be able to make them any all .-.) so...I'll probably get de-spirited and end up working on some other project silently and then releasing it at the last moment as a whole "Ha! You can't hold me back by telling me to fix my art now, eh, can ya? Deal with it muahahaha muahaha muahaha!!"..... or something like that.

The Dare Gamble is the main one that you're probably waiting for, at any rate. And, hmm...what is there to say about it? I still have all my workers, with one route pretty much completed (although it's semi-short so I may end up dragging it on a bit), one route expected in the next month, and the final route and proofread due in the next two months or so. Then the artist will go through and make everything "dorite" and all will be low and dandy. So, expect maybe January? I have no damns.

Yeah, Letters is probably going to turn into a trasher, just because I didn't have much going on with it, other than it wass going to be made for Short One, in his lost, loving, jail-tossed memory (he should get out around Thanksgiving, maybe I'll make him try to write it... or just try to write a visual novel in general). 

I also didn't realize that I told you all that I'd put up the VNs on the Renai website for no-sign-up downloading. That's cool. Very neat-desuka (don't question how incorrect that is...just don't. It's become a habit...). Oooh, and I haven't gotten Oddish to do work on the VNs. He seems to want to eat bacon a lot more than play with me (which you think would be alright, since like three of the things I've made have been entitled Bacon, but whatever. He'll help sometime, but not in a major role. But at least I don't have to force him as much as Cody King :p). Plus I'll have Short One who'll probably want to help. And Hah-mez, who helped with brainstorming for Bacon2. Woo~!

Oh! For those of you mildly interested in the Damien-promised pron game, that one actually is coming in a relatively short time period. I told him I would put it up for download once he sent me a VN he'd made for me, and he's promised to make one in the next few days (he said "by tomorrow" but I know him. He ain't got tha chaps). So, either way, expect that as soon as he submits it (even though it will be terrible, like all of my other novels~ Yaaay). 

What else did I have to tell you? Hmm.... Something like, I have no ideas for VNs, I don't feel like writing much at all because I hate writing anyway.... or was it something about wanting to goof off making VNs and not adhere to the norms, while still keeping my VNs fully free and non-commercial (unless for once I sit down and do something damn serious and damn well, which is highly unlikely unless I'm told to and then constandly badgered [aka, I meet an awesome VN-obsessed artist best friend who's all down and ready for it to lock and load]). 

I'm going to watch more movies. I might get some inspiration or nervous twitches. I'd like to get into uhh horror/dark/psychological/twisted/brutal VNs but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of demand (plus I think my ideas suck after writing like 3 chapters and then I never finish them). However, good day to all of you, and I'm going to keep working (you know I am, I'm too stuck on this hobby -.-) and hopefully people start digging mah novels!!! So I can indulge in my hobby more often because I'll have an extra benefit!! Dxx 


Bacon2 (Almost Complete Beta) && Update

Posted on July 9, 2013 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time!

The Bacon2 Almost Complete Beta is up on the lemmasoft website now. I'm just waiting on some last calls for feedback, so I can make changes and then finish the last chunk of script and then it'll be all well and dandy.

The Otherworld has broken in! A huge chunk of writing is complete and coded in, so all that's left are two more story routes of writing, and then the art (BG's, CG's, Sprites). :) Hope you guys are excited!

The VN I was working on with Elsiversace, The Dare Gamble, is back in progress. She gave me the script and I've got 3 writers (one for each route) and one artist working on it presently so it should turn out pretty nice and be completed sometime around mid August). 

Letters is on hiatus, due to bad feedback, and, in return, a lack of project interest from me. So I don't know when, or if, that one will ever kick into gear. 

Also, all of my completed VNs so far are available on the website~ So if any of the download links on here don't work or you don't want to sign up for 4shared, love it up~! :D

In addition, I'm forming a team with my best friend Oddish to make both Visual Novels and RPG games, since Cody King (who created the Legacy of Crotchman game) doesn't really feel like helping me out with anything like that (due to laziness and a short attention span).

You should also expect a semi-crappy pron game from my pal Damien (it'll be his first VN ever) in a couple months, but I won't put it up if it's too terrible. :p



Posted on May 31, 2013 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Greetings, once again, to all my fantastically lovely VN players.

Bacon2 is almost complete!! Only a couple more weeks to do and there will be a fully functional beta version of the game up!! :D I hope you guys are as excited as I am, although I do feel a bit of sympathy because it was a pretty fun and whimsical VN to have the opportunity to create :)

The Otherworld is still just starting out. I have more work on the sprites to do before I can continue with much of anything. Then I'll have a lot of coding and a lot of writing. I'm not particularly looking forward to it, but, meh :p it's gotta be done sometime.

I'm thinking about starting a new project. I'm not sure what to call it yet other than "Letters". It's going to be about a girl who receives letters from a prison inmate and it should be pretty interactive and somewhat romantic. I'm more interested in working on it at the moment than I am in working on Otherworld. Murr~

I'm taking a break from Rooms and Club Felin because the demos/progress so far are already up in the "Ideas" section of this website, so hopefully I can get some opinions before I commit to doing much of anything on them. 

I've been pretty busy lately with being kicked out of my house and newly homeless, so I apologize for the couple-week delay. Hopefully I'll be able to get some coding done in these next two weeks before I have to leave for University. Keep in touch kiddos. As always, you can PM me on the lemmasoft forums website under the name "MudkipTheDestroyer". :)


The Twins Release!!

Posted on May 11, 2013 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings, there, everyone!

I'm sure you're already quacking with excitement(I know Cody King is) about the release of The Twins!! XD lololol. It's been out for a little bit now, actually, posted up on the Lemma forums, because I'm just slow about keeping up with everything... -.-

The point is, the download link for The Twins will be up in about five minutes and then you can meander off onto giving it a play. It's actually up on Tumblr, too... (oh, what have I done?). It's basically a short otome game that I made to try to test out actually using the "show" coding command for the first time with sprites and sprite expressions. It came out pretty nicely, I think. There's also a walkthrough file included with the game download, and there was one error in the walkthrough, which you can find the clearup to at: :p

In addition to The Twins being completed, I've actually been doing some work on Bacon2(seems I summoned up some inspiration after all), and there's a playable demo that I'm having some of the people on Lemma test out for me if you're interested in checking out how the game is looking so far :)

The Otherworld hasn't been having much done to it, and I've had to pack up the tablet so I can move to a vacant lot. I suppose after I finish up some more of the Bacon2 coding and get to doing some work on The Otherworld again, I should start pursuing a new project. Not quite sure what it'll be yet, and my sprites will need a lot of work before they're actually useable... But it's kind of exciting. I know how much you guys love(HATE) the amazing(totally shitty) visual novels that I make for you ;p

For those of you who want to check out the demo of Bacon2, download and information links can be found at:

For SummerCamp downloads and info visit:

I hope you kiddos enjoy playing and if you find any errors in the visual novels, please leave a comment on one of the forum posts to let me know. Thanks to all ~ !!